Glitters & Dusts

GOLD Pump Push Edible Glitter Dust 10g - By Sugar Crafty This lustre is a pearl gold colour, and is the first of it's kind to be in a pump dispenser, allowing you to quickly and easily cover an area with your lustre. To achieve a concentrated coverage, hold the dispenser close to the...

Edible Glitter Brand: Caroline's Size: 25ml Ingredients: 414, 555, 171, 172, 102, 124, 133

Food contact non toxic glitter 5 grams

Food contact non toxic glitter 5 grams

Edible Sparkle Lustre Dust Brand: Caroline's Size: 4 grams Contents: E555 - PotassiW**um Aluminium Silicate E171 – Titanium Dioxide E171 – Iron Oxide E153 – Carbon Black

Super GOLD Dust (20g) ROLKEM Supers Approved food colouring, non-toxic, edible, glossy finish, dusting powder. Use this product on your sugar craft articles to give it a high shine. This product shall enhance your sugar craft item with a Glossy type finish. It can be dry brushed onto any edible...

Rolkem Super Silver Edible Dust - 20gram