Temporary changes to opening hours and procedures

Given the current status of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact this has had on our industry we have decided to reduce our hours and days of operation to Tuesday and Thursday’s from 9am to 1pm only. We are also not accepting walk in customers at this point in time so please ensure all orders are placed prior. We will keep you updated if these hours change further.

Christmas & Easter

NEW DESIGN Approx 5cm tall 24 pieces per box

Plastic Decoration. 4 pieces. Figures approx 4cm tall.

Plastic Decoration. Figures approx 4cm to 4.5cm tall.

Plastic Decoration. Approx 3.5cm high

Plastic Bunny in Basket easter Pop Top. 12cm x 12cm.

Pack of 24, assorted colours. Plastic Decoration, approx 10cm high.

Plastic Pop Top "Happy Easter" with flowers. 14cm wide.

Approx 11.5 cm wide / 7cm high

Plastic decoration. Approx 9cm tall. Sold individually

Plastic decoration. Approx 5cm high

Plastic decoration. Approx 6cm high

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